EcoPure Solutions Combo Package


The No Smear Solution

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EcoPure Solution Combo Package

2 Oz bottle of EcoPure Solution and one 12″ x 12″ microfiber cleaning cloth all in one package! 

A true breakthrough in cleaning technology, EcoPure removes what other cleaners leave behind. While most cleaning products rely on hazardous and noxious solvents and/or surfactants to cut-through and float soil and debris, EcoPure employs a revolutionary solvent and VOC free green approach to remove soiling, fingerprints and contaminates – and EcoPure is 100% Bio, environmental and child safe. EcoPure contains no alcohols, ammonia’s, harsh chemicals, dyes or odors – don’t trust your equipment to anything less.

EcoPure is available in 2 convenient sizes, The 2 ounce size makes the perfect travel companion for people on the move – stows in most any travel or notebook bag for quick and easy on-the-go cleaning. The 8 ounce size will deliver an astonishing 240 sprays per ounce, over 1900 sprays per 8 ounce bottle!!

EcoPure is safe to use on powered-up, low-voltage circuitry such as cell phones and can be applied directly to computer keyboards, LCD displays and other bus-powered peripherals with no ill effects. Leaves no residue upon evaporation! EcoPure has been tested and is used by several leading firms including Oakley and Nintendo.


  • Advanced cleaning formula removes residues that other cleaners leave behind
  • 100% Bio, environmental and child safe – no safety precautions to worry about
  • Contains no alcohols, ammonias, detergents or VOC’s – nonflammable and odor free
  • Non-conductive up to 1.5M ohm/cm – safe to use on energized electronics
  • Excellent LED and LCD display cleaning solution – nothing outperforms EcoPure
  • Expertly cleans optical disks, coated eye-wear, photo and video optics and more
EcoPure Solutions

2 Oz and Cloth Blue, 2 Oz and Cloth Light Green


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